Like little baby crowns, tiaras – no matter how elaborate they are, the head does not mean completely – also historically mean royalties, status, tradition and pomp, and you can not only read with one, but also eat, dance and, if you like, ‘re Princess Margaret, to take a bath.

They are also very useful –Prince PhilipMother, Princess AliceDived into the family vault and found a tiara from which he got the diamonds for Elizabeth’s engagement ring.

The sparkling accessory even has its own day – May 24th, Queen Victoria’s birthday, is International Tiara Day, when women of all ages can indulge themselves royally. And when it comes to wearing a tiara, go for it.

But not all tiaras are created alike, and even if you are royalty you can’t just check one of the queens out of its vault like it was a library book. And you certainly can’t carry a piece that is hers in the tub, even if you’ve borrowed it for a special occasion, like an Oscar nominee who draped $ 1 million worth of diamonds borrowed on the red carpet.