Everything old is new on television these days.

It seems like a new restart, revival, or complete redesign is being announced every week, and while some encounter cheers, some encounter confusion. Can a Sex and the City revival work without Samantha?Kim Cattrall)? Could Frasier really be Frasier without everyone but Frasier? What does a True Blood reboot from the creator of Riverdale look like? Will iCarly be the same without Sam Puckett (Jennette McCurdy)?

All of these and more questions will be answered in the years to come, provided all of these reboots are started in the first place. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out (I miss you already, Lizzie McGuire), but now we have a full list of all of the announced restarts, revivals, and re-whatevers heading towards television and its various new and emerging streaming services.

Even if a fraction of them actually make it to the screen, we’ll be busy for a very long time.