Best of all: Kat quits her job

“I think the best career moment for Kat is when she quits her job at Belle because it’s really hard to be vulnerable and money is a real thing that helps us get by in this capitalism and consumerism driven society. “said Dee. “So, Kat takes that leap of faith to say, ‘I believe in this thing I’m building so I’m ready to risk a steady paycheck’ is a high for me.”

Worst of all: Kat is fired

“A low is all the times she’s been fired,” Dee continued. “I mean, literally, make your choice. Kat was fired because she was about to be fired several times. And you know what? Some of these are justified in my opinion. like, come on girl, learn how to divulge information. You don’t have to tweet it from your account! ”