Katie Couric and Spencer PrattFriendship is for the birds.

During her March 18 appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Couric stated that she caught a conversation with The Hills Star on Instagram after learning about her daughter, the television writer Elinor Monahanthat he had a passion for hummingbirds. For years, Spencer has proven to be an important friend of the birds that drink from the nectar eaters in his front yard.

Couric told the host that she was unfamiliar with his work on the legendary MTV reality show, but was definitely excited about his hummingbirds.

“I caught him on Instagram and said, ‘Hi Spencer Pratt, can I come over to see your hummingbirds?'” Recalled Couric. “And he said, ‘Sure, Katie Couric, come over.’ They have millions of hummingbirds on their patio. He makes the nectar with sugar and water every day, and it was crazy, Ellen. “

She called the experience, which included hand-feeding the hummingbirds, “one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.”