12.00 While her first client was reviewing his options, Rayni signs up for a quick zoom with her daughter’s school and then drives to the Beverly Hills post office area for a quick show of a house before coming back to meet another client and five more houses to visit the hill. “For us, the key to success is organization and delegation,” she said. And a state-of-the-art office coordinator. “The night before, she sends tomorrow’s itinerary around 6 or 7 p.m. and then again at 7 a.m.,” she said. “And then a 15-minute reminder.”

Her coordinator, she continued, “holds the key to my organization and my happiness. Because she double-booked me for a few things this morning and someone needs to be moved and I’ve been riddled.”

All over town, Branden is busy putting out his own fires between sips of his green shake and the vitamins. First a conversation with the builders on a work in progress plot in Malibu and then a follow-up with the client he saw at his previous meeting with the appraiser. “Then I get a call from a stager on a property we’re going to list for $ 38 million,” he recalled. “The wife doesn’t like the production and then I got a call from the husband who said he doesn’t like her. Then I have to call the production.”

The moment he hangs up, “I get a call from one of my big music clients who wants to start a farm in Malibu Hills. He already owns a house on Malibu Beach and now he wants a farm,” he continued. The rest of the afternoon is filled with meetings and demonstrations while exploring Malibu real estate and figuring out when it can fit in some time to take advantage of a storm that is falling and go surfing with friends.