Taraji P. Henson’s “Hidden Figures” Interview: E! Rewind messages

Taraji P. Henson pays tribute to her beloved dog KBall.

The Golden Globe winner took to Instagram on March 29 to spread the heartbreaking news that her pup has passed away. Alongside a photo of her French Bulldog, the Empire actress wrote, “I had to say goodbye to my baby forever @kballhenson I’ll miss my cute baby so much.”

“KBall was so good to me. Gave me three wonderful years of love,” she continued. “KBall you calmed mom’s fear. What am I going to do without you. Mommy tried everything to save your life. EVERYTHING !!! I couldn’t see you suffer any longer.”

Taraji noted that life was “rough” for her pup. “He had breathing problems that needed to be addressed,” she said. “His windpipe was the size of a straw so it became very difficult for him to breathe, eat, and play. He had two surgeries and his small body couldn’t take it. I gave you the best three years ever, photoshoots, the best dog food.” that money can buy and ALL MY LOVE !!! Jesus, this is difficult and yes, I am a wreck !!! “