A year after the official announcement that fans would get a second season, Outer Banks is finally back with a new trailer – and let’s just say there is some big action going on.

As was teased last year, the next part of the story will unfold in the Bahamas as we with John B (Hunt Stokes) and Sarah (Madelyn Cline) is rescued by a fishing boat on the way to Nassau.

Well, judging by the newly released Netflix trailer, there’s plenty of action ahead of them while they are wanted for murder and on the run. “We are on the run in a foreign country,” says Sarah John B in the trailer. “Promise me you won’t do anything stupid.”

Uhh, unlikely. “I do stupid things all the time,” he jokes back, “without realizing it.”

Meanwhile, the Pogues are on their own mission to get their treasure back, and according to the trailer, some curious keys look like they’ll come in handy. Now everyone together: Woogity woogity!