Lindsay Lohan is on his way to hell this Wednesday.

The actress and former beach club owner is voicing SYFY’s Devil May Care this week and she’s going on a date! Lohan plays Ziva, the daughter of a hell dentist who goes on a blind date with beans (Asif Ali). Beans is a person who has no idea how he got to hell, but now he’s the devil’s social media manager looking for love.

In the exclusive clip below, you can see how Beans and Ziva literally run into each other. It’ll be really cute when they both kneel down to pick up the dead flowers she brought him.

“I’ve heard how people like flowers,” she says nervously, handing him the lifeless bouquet. He is beaten and asks her on a walk. The devil voiced by Alan Tudykis thrilled.

“It’s a sweet meeting!” he screams from behind his disguised sunglasses. “Meet cute! Meet cute! Meet cute!”