Ona Carbonell expresses “disappointment” with the Tokyo Organizing Committee ahead of the 2020 Olympics.

In a video recently posted on Instagram, the two-time Olympic medalist featured in the footage breastfeeding her son has Quay– stated that due to the measures imposed under the COVID-19 guidelines, she had to make the tough decision not to bring her little boy with her.

“Despite the appearance of some news suggesting the possibility that we athletes could travel to the Tokyo Olympics with our babies or toddlers,” she captioned the post, “we have been informed of some extremely drastic measures by the organizing institutions, the one this option is impossible for me. After receiving tons of support and encouragement to go to Tokyo with Kai, I wanted to express my disappointment and disillusionment that I would finally have to travel without him. “

In the video, the professional swimmer stated that if she decided to take him with her according to the rules imposed by the Japanese government, her son would “not be allowed to leave the hotel room” for the duration of her trip.