When beauty and sport collide!

There is no doubt that the Tokyo 2020 Olympics started with great success on Friday July 23rd. Did the internet faint from Team Tonga’s oiled flag bearer? Pita baptismal fofua during the opening ceremony or just in awe of all the talented athletes competing for gold medals, the games are definitely going to be memorable.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, the Olympic contenders proudly show their impressive skills and look good doing it. After all, beauty and fashion go hand in hand with sport.

Olympian (and fashionista) Florence Griffith Joyner Once was famously said, “Dress up to look good. You look good to feel good. And feel good when you run fast!”

It seems that several athletes have taken this motto to heart for this year’s Olympics. From dazzling makeup to fun hairstyles to bright nail colors, there is a huge range of eye-catching beauty looks that you can rave about.