Spike Lee went on and “did the right thing” after his 74th Cannes Film Festival slip up.

The 64-year-old writer and director reached out and apologized after accidentally announcing the 2021 palm winner, Titane, on Saturday, July 17, when he was supposed to share another award winner instead. “I have no excuses. I screwed up,” Lee said during a press conference on a video recorded by Variety. “I’m a big sports fan. It’s like the guy at the end of the game on the foul line, he misses a free throw or a guy misses a kick.”

Lee continued, “I just screwed it up. I was very specific to speaking to the Cannes people and telling them that I apologize. They said forget about it.”

Maggie Gyllenhaal spoke of Lee’s mistake, saying that it was “like an injection of humanity in the middle of the ceremony,” as shared in another video by Variety.

Lee also joked about his accidental disclosure after apologizing.