Snoop Doggdaughter Cori Broadus involves their supporters on their mental health journey.

In the past few days, the 21-year-old musician and influencer has been honest about her struggles, including a recent suicide attempt.

On Saturday, May 15, she wrote on Instagram: “In the past few weeks my frame of mind has not been so great at one point where I’ve been trying to end my life, but you and my family really give me a purpose in life and helped me to realize this. ” [life] is much more than materialistic things and you just have to keep pushing through the bullshit. THANKS.”

The next day, she shared a video on Instagram describing why she felt so bad. Cori – whose mother is Snoop’s wife, Shante Taylor– Started by explaining that it was difficult to feel like an outcast as an adult, even though you were born with privileges.

“I think it starts in my childhood,” she shared. “I grew up with two fair-skinned brothers and I was the only chocolate brother. I was overweight. I got lupus when I was 6, so I was overweight because I was on steroids. It automatically affected my health. I was always sad and depressed because of my health. “