Shortly after the news broke, Bonneville, who plays Robert Crawley, tweeted, “It’s good to be back. # DowntonAbbey2.” In fact, he had pointed out the possibility of a sequel during an interview with The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show earlier this year.

“If everyone who is offered a vaccine takes a vaccine, we can make a movie,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “We’re going to make a movie. It’s the usual, the planets are circling, they’re starting to align, but there’s this thing called the coronavirus that’s swirling around. Until that is sensibly under control, we won’t go.” to be able to get all of these ducks in a row. “

He then allegedly added that “there is certainly the intent to do it, we would love to do it, we are desperate to do it”, noting that the film would be a “gratifying release of a film like the first” The audience would be happy after all the mess we’ve been through. “