“I want to take responsibility for my actions,” she said. “I know what I did, I know what to do, I know what not to do, and I made that decision anyway.” The choice, declared by the NCAA champion, came after she learned during an interview that her biological mother had died. Hearing the news from a reporter a week before the Olympics put her in a state of “emotional panic”.

During Anthony’s opening monologue, the actor also shared his support for Naomi Osakawho decided to step back from tennis briefly to focus on her mental health.

“I don’t know how to punish Naomi Osaka for making her mind a priority,” he told the star-studded audience. “This is crazy. I’m not a tennis manager, I don’t know. But if my sport had one of the most popular and marketable athletes in the world, you know what I would do? I would probably make her feel comfortable and “respected. But hey what do I know I’m stumbling, right? I’m just Captain America. “