This story is a scream.

During her appearance on the June 15 episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Actress Salma Hayek announced that her pet owl, DryHe once gave the ultimate farewell present to a very special house guest: Harry Styles.

When the actress remembered the story to moderate Ellen DeGeneresShe played a little shy and withheld the star’s identity at first. “Once there was a very important celebrity – I’m not going to say his name – and he was really excited about the owl and hoped the owl would go on his head because it was on me,” she shared. “He says, ‘Oh, I need an owl in my life. How you do that?’ And the moment he least expected it, it hit his head – but then she did it … [coughed it up]. “

The Like A Boss actress stated that mice are her owl’s favorite thing, so it made perfect sense when she stated, “That ball of rat hair was on his head.”