Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey speak out against the scars associated with mental health.

In their new documentaries, The Me You Can’t See, premiering on Apple TV + May 21, The Duke of Sussex and the OWN Mogul – along with several other stars – reflect on their own struggles and emotional wellbeing. The first trailer in the series, released on May 17, features Harry and Oprah sitting down to start an honest conversation about mental health.

“All over the world,” says Oprah in the trailer, “people suffer from mental, psychological and emotional pain.”

Harry and Oprah, recognized as co-creators and executive producers on the series, then discuss words related to mental health such as “crazy” or “lost” and “can’t hold it together”.

Oprah then notes, “With this stigma of being called ‘the other’, the key is to be able to tell the story and say, ‘This happened to me’.