This could just be a perfect storm.

In an exclusive foretaste of the reunion of the sailing yachts below deck next week on Monday June 21 and Tuesday June 22, the anchor for the drama is gone. The so-called “crazy” second season included love triangles, boat crashes and a surprise pregnancy, but now the yachting hotties have to face each other for the first time since filming.

Host of the reunification Andy Cohen starts the eagerly awaited reunion with the question Gary King whether he thinks he’s a “cunt” for the women on board while Daisy Kelliher claps back on Gary’s comment that she was a “huge slut”.

“Don’t put words into my mouth, Daisy,” countered Gary.

And did Sydney Zaruba really “girl code” break with Alli Dore?

We just know that emotions went high. “OK, let’s put it this way, after we finished filming the reunion I was so emotionally shaken,” Alli told E! News. “I think I cried for about an hour after that. It was the overwhelming whole season. It was also my first time to see Sydney and it was very emotional.”

But there is one more bomb left on board this sinking ship: Who is really the father of Dani Soares‘Little one?