A divided house.

On Tuesday, July 6th, HBO released the first teaser for the third season of Succession, which shows the Roy family in the midst of a personal civil war. In case you haven’t gone back and watched it again lately, season two has with Kendall (Jeremy Strong) Double Crossing Family Patriarch Logan (Brian Cox).

“You’re Kendall Roy,” says Kendall in the new trailer while playing himself up in a mirror. “You are F-King Kendall Roy.”

Kendall later assures those at Waystar Royco that “there is no drama” as they are all “good”. However, this seems very unlikely, especially since Logan is apparently threatening to “kill” his son “f – king”.

Of course, the family is split as the new footage shows how they’re supposed to react to Kendall’s deception. “He’s our father, but he wanted to send me to jail,” Kendall tells his siblings, played by Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin and Alan Re. “He would do the same to all of us.”