With teeth like that Post Malone really have to feel like a rock star these days. After all, he has a dozen carats worth of diamonds in his smile.

On Monday June 14th Dr. Thomas Connelly (or as his Instagram biography proclaims, “The Father of Diamond Dentistry”) unveiled his finished work for his Grammy-nominated client: porcelain veneer topped off with two … diamond teeth. “This is the first time I’ve done anything on this scale,” Connelly told E! News. “I’ve made little diamonds here and there that were inlaid in a veneer, but that’s the entire tooth.”

We already know what you’re thinking: can he chew with them? “These should stay in and work,” assured the dentist. “You’re not going anywhere.”

If you suddenly think your smile could use a little more shine, prepare to pay: the entire rebuilding cost $ 1.6 million, according to Connelly. How Samuel Tack Angel City Jewelers Confirms E! News: “You get about 12 carats total for the pair. Let’s just say Posty has a million dollar smile.”

And they’re not just any diamond. “These are flawless D-diamonds and they hit all over the room,” remarked Connelly. “It sparkles like you’ve never seen it before.”

If the 25-year-old singer hasn’t already been to an elite club, he certainly is now. “We made standard meshes, cut diamonds, and made bezels to insert into teeth, but to the best of my knowledge,” Tack said, “no one has ever made a full diamond tooth for an implant.”