We love them and there is no “but” to it!

Songbird star Sofia Carson dropped by E! News’ Daily Pop to share the inspiration behind their new single “He Loves Me, But …” on July 9th.

“This is the next chapter in my story,” enthused Sofia about the route. “It’s basically what happens after you fall in love, a kind of deceptive love. I wanted to write a song that wasn’t a heartbreak song or dedicated to it, but it was a hilarious turn of my head on that saying and just make it a hilarious celebration of freedom, like the song that was sung with your sisters and best friends after your heart has been broken and you say, ‘You know what, I’m fine.’ ”

And yes, it’s based on her own dating experience: “It’s definitely based on a true story,” Sofia admitted. “I think we’ve all been there before.”

The “I Luv U” singer’s hot girls’ summer is complete thanks to a special Revlon campaign with a co-star Megan Thee stallion, or as Sofia calls her, the ultimate it girl. “I’ve never been cool,” she said with a laugh. “But Meg is just so cool and so powerful. It’s incredible to be part of a brand like Revlon that really represents beauty in all facets and in all facets of beauty. ”