“90 Days: The Single Life” Sneak Peek: Big Ed vs. Colt Johnson

Gas light, body embarrassment and separation bets – oh my god!

Part two of the 90-day book: The Single Life Tell All is sure to be a blow when the legendary 90-day fiancés compete against each other. In E! News’ exclusive insight, Ed “Big Ed” Brown tries to win back ex Liz after trying to flirt with co-star Fernanda Flores placeholder image‘Roommate.

“I know he loves me,” Liz tells the cast. “I’m not saying that was okay, but he’s single right now.”

Colt JohnsonFiancée Vanessa Guerra calls BS “But if he did something a few hours ago, it’s not really trying to change,” she explains before turning her attention to Ed. “You’re finishing her up.”

Even Colt can’t hold back to defend Liz. “You wore the ‘Big Ed’ mask all day today, but I don’t think so. I think you want to have sex with your roommate and that’s fine, go on, have fun. But don’t ask Liz about it, stay and wait for you or something, “countered Colt.