It’s time to raise a glass pink and Carey Hart‘s two children who keep proving how fearless they really are.

The 45-year-old former motocross racer posted photos of his family’s recent trip to his Instagram on Wednesday June 9th pasture, 10, and Jameson, 4, climbing in the great outdoors for the first time. His pictures will give you serious goosebumps as the little ones storm up a sheer rock face with no apparent concern, including Willow who almost does the splits during the climb.

“Our children are gnarled,” Carey titled the contribution. “Willz and Jamo’s first ever outdoor climb. Willz worked on this 30-meter wall quickly and it was difficult to take pictures of her as she charged the summit. Check out her posture in these photos.”

He continued, “Jamo blew me away at how he charged that rock. Under the ditch and really thinking in the wall. The Stoke is real.”