Talk about a memorable ending to a babysitting adventure.

model Ireland Baldwin went to her Instagram on Friday April 23rd to show the gruesome injury inflicted while watching “two 7-year-old boys for 45 minutes”. She posted a photo of an incredibly bloody nose and ended her caption with the hashtag #birthcontrol.

Of course, the comments have been flooded with agape emojis from shocked friends and fans. There’s one comment in particular that caught the eye of her uncle’s kind permission: Billy Baldwin.

When it came to the stunning photo, the actor and the father’s brother Alec Baldwin commented, “When I grew up with your father and uncles … we called this Tuesday.” To which Ireland simply replied, “Oh dear God.”

It’s no surprise that actors Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin’s daughter has experience in the world of tiny little things – the actress actually has six younger siblings, from her father’s 2012 marriage to the stepmother Hilaria Baldwin.