That just makes us want another movie between the two stars. Maybe 23 Jump Street?

Jonah Hill posted an ice blue selfie on Instagram on May 12th with the actor wearing a blue cap backwards, with a blue and green button-down shirt and white sunglasses to complete the look. Of course, fans and other celebs added the Superbad actor to his ensemble in the comment section, but one comment stood out above the other – and it came from none other than Channing Tatum.

Channing took the place lightly as the top comment and wrote, “You’re such a hot brother! Call me by your name all day, Jonah.”

The two have formed a cute friendship over the years, and Jonah even made E! News he was “grateful” for his bud in 2018.

Of course, fans raved over Chan’s comment to ask exactly what we’ve been thinking about for years – a 23 Jump Street movie.