“Why is that happend?”

This is exactly the question asked in a nerve-wracking highlight from Discovery + ‘s two-hour documentary about the murder-suicide of the Hart family. Now available for streaming, the new documentary titled Broken Harts explores the terribly true story of the adoptive parents Jennifer and Sarah Hardwho died in a car accident in 2018, along with their six children.

However, as the clip above shows, this wasn’t your everyday car accident. Despite their online personality representing a perfectly happy home, allegations of child abuse against the couple have surfaced in three different states.

So, per retired sheriff Tom Allman In the Broken Harts clip, it didn’t take long for authorities to put the situation together. “To know that we might have six children, two adults,” says the former sheriff in front of the camera.

According to another Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office official named Lt. Shannon BarneySarah was the first in the family to be identified. “We suspected the other adult woman was Jennifer Hart, her married partner,” he recalls. “And two deceased children and one who was believed to be a child but was late in her teens. So we weren’t really sure.”