Well, so we didn’t think that would start today.

Sometimes celebrities catch you with a real gem of a story – and that was the case for Sarah Paulson when she was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in person on Monday, June 21. While chatting with Jimmy Kimmel, the ratched star remembered an unforgettable night with Carrie Fisher early in their career. As Paulson explained, she had to go to a party at an executive’s house alone, but luckily Fisher was there alone and they hit it off.

However, the story got juicier as the two women left. “She was in her car in front of me and I was in my car,” Paulson described. “She rolled down her window and said, ‘Hey, do you want to come to a party?'”

The American horror story star got excited and eventually went to a party that shaped Fisher.Gore Vidal‘s Make-Out Party “attended by the likes of Shirley MacLaine and possibly Queen Latifahsaid Paulson.