Sadie Robertson greets baby # 1 with Christian Huff

Sadie Robertson is open about her physique after birth.

On Sunday, August 22nd, Duck Dynasty alum, 24, posted an Instagram photo of herself in jeans shortly after greeting her daughter Honey james, along with a picture with the same couple previously taken when they were a month pregnant with the bundle of joy. Sadie and husband Christian Huff May welcome their first child.

In her caption, Sadie mentioned that she received a DM from a fan who said she and her daughters no longer followed the star. Sadie wrote that it was “perfectly okay not to follow me anymore, but it was WHY that caught me” as the fan did not appreciate that Sadie was “bragging about and flaunting my body” according to the caption .

“I’ve been thinking about how I could have told her I didn’t ‘bounce back’ as you might externally perceive it,” wrote Sadie. “I could tell her about parts of me that haven’t healed yet. I could tell her about the bumps I’ve still had half on my body since I was born, from a new allergy caused by stressful labor. I could have told my doctor told me her things and the counselor I saw helped me. I could have told her how many things I don’t tell people, but I didn’t. “