While sex scenes in movies and television can look incredibly hot to viewers, in reality, it doesn’t always look like the actors who film them.

Rob Lowe Let the fans in on some filming secrets about what it really is like to bring sex scenes to life on the big screen.

“They’re not fun,” Lowe told Yahoo! Entertainment. “You are not a hall pass, as you would like it to be.”

While these scenes can look so sexy, Lowe said, “They’re very technical and usually very boring. I don’t know if you had to kiss someone for eight hours straight – it’s no fun! It’s not all yours [sic] negotiate.”

Lowe said for the 1986 film About Last Night, in which he starred Demi MooreHis familiarity with fellow “Brat Pack” colleagues helped them with their sex scenes.

“I’m really, really glad it was Demi and that other people made that decision,” he said of acting by her side. “We were friendly and felt comfortable [with each other]and that is the key to any love scene, or especially any nude scene. “