It’s Dallas meets the real Dallas housewives!

Don’t let the ’80s style fool you: RHOD can bring more drama every day than the fictional Ewing family. In this exclusive glimpse into tonight’s new episode, the ladies of RHOD visit the famous Ewing Mansion at Southfork Ranch, immortalized by the hit 1980s soap opera Dallas. While some housewives have been struck by the stars, others are not impressed.

“I would sit with my dad every Friday night and we would watch the Dallas episode when it aired,” said one megafan D’Andra Simmons confesses. “As long as this show was on, we talked about it.”

“I was born in 1980. I have no relationship with the Dallas TV show.” Stephanie Hollman Jokes. “However, my husband is old and has a relationship [with it]. ”

Of course, the Ewing Mansion isn’t just an icon for vintage soap opera fans. “New York has MoMA, the Guggenheim. LA has the Getty. We have Southfork,” laughs Simmons.

“That’s what people got crazy about in the 80s? Who knew,” countered Hollman.