The Real Housewives of Orange County Star Kelly Dodd, aka Kelly Leventhal, encumbered Positive Beverage and ended its affiliation with it.

After the posts went viral over the weekend with Kelly’s comments on COVID-19, the drinks company announced on Sunday January 31 that it is “no longer affiliated with the TV personality” despite remaining a minority shareholder.

“Kelly was an endorser of the brand,” a spokesperson for Positive Beverage told E! News. “She will no longer endorse the brand. You are no longer affiliated with it, its likeness, or its opinions. They do not match the brand’s. Kelly remains an equity partner at this point.”

After the news broke, Kelly took to Twitter to wish the company well and to say it was focusing on new opportunities.

“I’m glad I was able to help put Positive Beverage on the map and wish them all the best,” she wrote. “I’m also very excited about my next beauty business, which is my real passion. Stay tuned!”

Positive Beverage Head of Brand Zach Muchnick stated that comments Kelly made over the past few months contributed to the decision to part ways with her.

“Our core values ​​of wellness, community, diversity and inclusion should be reflected in our brand and all people associated with it,” said the managing director in a statement that was shared on Instagram on January 31st. “In the last few months it has become clear that this is the case.” Kelly’s controversial views and opinions distracted from our main goals so effectively that we are no longer affiliated with Kelly Dodd-Leventhal today. “

Chairman Shannon Argyros On the same day, Instagram also released a statement titled, “We welcome all people – whatever they are and whatever they are passionate about – to Positive Beverage. But there always has to be a level of respect. Unfortunately, we believe that Kelly’s attitude is no. ” longer congruent with our core values. We value her contributions throughout our affiliations and she will always be a part of the story of Positive Beverage, but we disagree with her opinions or global views while upholding our own values. “

On Saturday, January 30th, the 45-year-old reality star posted photos and videos on her Instagram story of her and the group eating at two restaurants, including Billy’s on the beach in Newport Beach, California, where they have lunch ate and drinks.

“Nobody wears a mask!” An unidentified man yells in a video as the group cheers. Then they come across a toast and say, “Super spreader!”

After some public criticism, Kelly deleted that particular clip. In another video showing her in a car with two women, she said, “I’m not a super spreader because there is nothing to spread, because we all have the vaccine and we don’t have it so there is nothing to spread about Super spreader. ” . “She added,” The shepherds are crazy! “