Dr. Paul Nassif & wife Brittany await!

Dr. Paul Nassif celebrates a milestone birthday: It’s his first as #GirlDad!

The botched plastic surgeon is celebrating his 59th birthday today, June 6th, and will undoubtedly receive a lot of love from the two most important women in his life, madam Brittany Nassif and daughter Paulina. The family welcomed the “angel” baby named after their father on October 12, 2020.

Paul recently raved about E! News in May 2021 that Paulina is really daddy’s little princess. “She’ll focus on me, she’ll sit there and stare at me smiling and when that happens my heart will just say, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe it!'” He beamed. “I am so blessed to have a beautiful little healthy baby.”

Paulina is even on the verge of being on the move! “She sits up, she claps a little, she loves to stare at me,” Paul cooed over his only daughter. “I think the next step will be crawling.”