Rachel Lindsay decides to move on after that Chris HarrisonSorry for controversial comments he made about the undergraduate candidate Rachael Kirkconnellpast actions.

On March 4th, the longtime host of the Bachelor franchise spoke to Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan about the backlash he received for an additional interview with Lindsay in which he defended Kirkconnell and called the “alert police” as those who were offended by their behavior. Kirkconnell, who is still in the running Matt JamesThe Bachelor’s current season’s heart came under fire after photos of her attending a 2018 Antebellum South-themed party surfaced online.

Shortly after the interview with Lindsay, the host apologized and said he regretted having made comments that he would “perpetuate racism” and step back from the franchise for the time being.

At the time, Lindsay said she was hurt by Harrison’s comments, as well as his initial apology to her and those offended by his comments. As she said on her Higher Learning podcast with Rachel Lindsay and Van Lathan, “It wasn’t until people started talking did people ask different things, then he would apologize to me and then apologize publicly.”