Rachel Lindsay closes the label “angry Black female” once again.

The former lead actress of The Bachelorette appeared on the June 4th episode of The View discussing the situation at Real Housewives of New York’s Eboni K. Williams. In an episode that aired earlier this week, Eboni, the first Black performer on RHONY, accused Luann de Lesseps Calling her an angry black woman during an argument over a previous conversation about sex. Following the discussion, Eboni announced on Instagram that he would be taking a short break from social media.

Rachel said that when she was called angry, she was referring to Eboni’s feelings.

“In my season finale of The Bachelorette, when I was on stage with my runner-up, my runner-up told me that I would have a mediocre life if I didn’t choose him and my response to him was, ‘Actually I have.’ I live my best life, ‘”Rachel said of her conversation with conversation Peter Kraus. “When I got back from the commercial break, the host was there [Chris Harrison] said to me, ‘Rachel, you seem angry.’ I looked and said, ‘That’s a strong word.’ And he said, ‘Well, you seem upset.’ I hadn’t raised my voice, I hadn’t screamed, I hadn’t said a swear word. “

When asked for an explanation as to why he felt attacked by Rachel, Peter couldn’t offer any.

“I was referred to as an angry black woman in Bachelor Nation,” Rachel continued. “It haunts me to this day.”