During the conversation, Chris told Rachel that “we all need a little mercy” towards Rachael, and he also called “the police on duty”.

The next day, Chris took to Instagram to apologize for his comments and admitted that what he was saying “perpetuates racism”.

Meanwhile, Katie, who made her debut as the lead actress of The Bachelorette on Monday June 7th, tweeted on March 11th that she hopes “Chris Harrison will continue to take more time to retreat while he sincerely educates himself and himself Dedicates work. ” The next day, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams were announced as substitute hosts for the upcoming Bachelorette season, although Katie herself wasn’t until 15.

During her new extra appearance, Rachel expressed that Chris’s move may have been part of a natural evolution. “It’s been 19 years and when you watch the show we’ve seen less and less of Chris,” she said. “Nineteen years is a great achievement. Maybe it is. We don’t know. Maybe you were ready to move on.”

Whether Rachel accepted Chris’s apology, she told Billy that she had explained this beforehand. “I still stand by that,” she continued. “I do. I think this is the way to move forward.”

On June 8th, Chris addressed his exit on an Instagram post that read, “I’ve had a really incredible run as hosting the Bachelor franchise and now I’m looking forward to starting a new chapter. I am so grateful to Bachelor Nation for all of the memories we made together. As my two-decade journey comes to an end, the friendships I have made will last for a lifetime. “