Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell the fans bring with them through all aspects of their journey, even the “Hangry” moments.

On Thursday, June 10, Matt shared his Instagram story footage of the couple’s trip to Raleigh, NC, bickering in the car while eating a burger and fries from the venerable Char-Grill takeaway. Rachael seemed to mind that the former lead actress from The Bachelor ate before she had a chance to get something to eat.

It was unclear who was filming them from the back seat of the vehicle, but Matt, 29, added the captions: “You are insane? !!” and “LMAOOO! Hangryyy.”

In the videos, Rachael, 24, sits in the passenger seat while her boyfriend ate his meal in the driver’s seat. “You didn’t ask if I wanted anything either,” said Rachael.

Matt replied, “Yes, I did,” to which his girlfriend replied, “No, you haven’t.” Matt then said, “I asked if you wanted something from Whole Foods.”

Rachael replied, “Where are we? Not Whole Foods.” When Matt told her that this was just her “first stop”, she followed her: “You ate today – I didn’t. This should have been our second stop.”