Regardless of the score, Prince George has already won this game.

Tuesday, June 29th, Kate Middleton and Prince William‘s 7 year old son went to Wembley to watch England and Germany play a must-see football match.

Even before the game began, however, Prince George got fans talking when he appeared on television during the national anthem. As mom and dad sang every word, the elementary school student looked a little distracted by all of the lights, players, and the crowd.

At the same time, Prince George certainly dressed to impress when he paired up with Dad in a navy jacket, shirt, and tie. As for Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge was patriotic as she wore the colors of the English flag through a bright red jacket and white top.

As it turned out, Prince George wasn’t the only famous face present at tonight’s game. David Beckham enjoyed a father son day with Romeo Beckham while Ed Sheeran had an appointment with a wife Cherry Seaborn.