Shawn Johnson hopes she is in the “up and up” days after testing positive for coronavirus.

The Olympic gymnast, who is currently pregnant with her second baby, first shared her Instagram diagnosis with her COVID-19 diagnoses on Jan. 31. “I’m not going to lie … I’m nervous knowing I’m positive,” the 29-year-old old athlete told fans in her Instagram story post. “It’s been a long two weeks of RSV [Respiratory syncytial virus] with Drew and now this … my body is just exhausted. “

On Tuesday, February 2nd, Johnson returned to her Instagram story for an update on her health. “Thank you for all of your message, that’s very cute,” she said. “I still consider myself very happy, I think I have it pretty mildly.”

“Last night was probably my worst night, I coughed all night, that was bad,” she remarked. “But during the day I feel really good, my headache is gone, my sore throat is finally gone, it was a bad sore throat.”

Johnson added that her “constipation” is getting better too.