First Andrew Scott, then Harry Styles and now Donald Glover. Phoebe Waller Bridge certainly has a knack for choosing our internet friends as her co-workers.

The Fleabag mastermind is now teaming up with Donald on a new Amazon Studios TV show that is basically making them a botch to become the next Brad and Angelina. No really, they’ll star in and star in a remake of the 2005 film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

The killer project will be released on Prime Video in 2022, E! News have confirmed. Fargo’s Francesca Sloane jointly create the new Mr. and Mrs. Smith for Amazon Studios and New Regency.

The original film revolves around a married couple who are the deadliest assassins in the world despite hiding their identities from each other. The turn? Your job is to kill each other.

Donald announced the collaboration on February 12th in his own unique way. An Instagram story video shows him starting the floss dance before the cut to Phoebe in her pajamas. As Paul AnkaPlaying the song “Put Your Head On My Shoulder”, she leans against a door frame and crosses her shoulders. Black cut.