To all of the podcasters, aspiring actors, and aspiring writers who have tried to explain to their extended family what exactly they do for work … this is for you.

Phoebe Bridgers might be able to share a bit about how they exclusively E! News that her grandfather is only now realizing that she is a legitimate musician. It only took four Grammy nominations.

The singer (please don’t confuse her with Phoebe Waller Bridge, the Fleabag comedian) received four nominations this year, including best new artist, best alternative music album for Punisher, and best rock performance and best rock song for “Kyoto”.

Phoebe tells E! Messages: “My grandpa finally knows I have a real job, you know?” He wasn’t the only family member who was absolutely delighted with her first Grammy nominations. She woke up to “A trillion texts from my mother, as I found out,” she says.