If Peacock builds it, they will come.

The streaming platform announced on Monday, August 16, that the Oscar-nominated 1989 baseball film Field of Dreams was being turned into a TV series about Peacock. According to a press release, the updated Field of Dreams show will “reinvent the mix of family, baseball, Iowa, and magic that makes the movie so enduring and popular.”

While there was no official word on the casting, fans can only hope that the original lead actor Kevin Costner returns to the fantasy baseball diamond in the cornfields. The series is written and produced by Rutherford Falls. Michael Shur, along with other executive producers Lawrence Gordon, David Bergmann and Morgan Sackett.

“Field of Dreams has remained a fan favorite over the years and has retained its rightful place in the zeitgeist.” Lisa Katz, President of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, said today. “It’s quirky and grounded, a space Mike Schur excels in, and we look forward to bringing a new take on this classic to Peacock.”