An A-listener graveyard.

The spin-off series American Horror Story, appropriately named American Horror Stories, premieres on FX on Hulu on July 15, and fans have just received a striking new sliver of what to expect from the anthology series. On July 7, the official American Horror Story Twitter page shared a list of incredible talent, including Kaia Gerber, Paris jackson, Matt Bomer, Danny Trejo, Sierra McCormick, Kyle Reid Silverstein, Naomi Grossmann and more in roles of Tipper Gore to Larry Bittermann.

“And that’s not even half,” says the tweet as figures dressed in latex move across a static stage.

With at least one episode set in AHS ‘Murder House, Stories released a haunting teaser as early as June 23 that followed the creator Ryan Murphy‘s own cast reveal Glee’s Fantastic Four team on Instagram Kevin McHale, Pose Dyllon Burnside, Riverdales Charles Melton and The Proms Nico Greetham.

AH Stories “is a weekly anthology series with a different horror story in each episode,” said the chairman of FXFX John Landgrave.