Paparazzi work outside Ben AffleckThe Los Angeles home called police when they discovered a man dressed as a security guard appeared to be climbing a gate on the property, a report said.

No arrests were made after the incident, which occurred Tuesday, May 11, according to information on Page 6, which first covered the news.

On Wednesday May 12, the outlet posted a video filmed by a paparazzi agency showing a masked man wearing a dark jacket resembling a safety uniform leaping from the top of the actor’s gate onto the public sidewalk and then goes away. Two men dressed as police officers arrive later and are allowed to enter the property through this gate, as is a larger one at a driveway. E! The news asked Affleck’s representative to comment.

A Los Angeles Police Department spokesman told E! News that officials answered a phone call that morning and prepared an investigative report on the property added that the suspect, who has not been identified, is still at large. Page Six quoted police officers as saying that paparazzi witnesses had called the police.

The news comes days after it was revealed that Ben and ex-fiance Jennifer Lopez had reunited after their recent split from Alex Rodriguez, whoever she was engaged to and spent about a week together in Montana. The two were photographed driving and walking together on an airport tarmac.