Kate Walsh scrubs for season 18 of popular medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

Walsh’s representative and an ABC spokesperson confirmed E! News that the star of the private practice as Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery returns to the Gray Sloan Memorial. According to the deadline, Walsh will appear in “multiple episodes” alongside Ellen Pompeo and the rest of the cast.

The 53-year-old actress celebrated the news on social media and wrote a goofy dance video: “It’s really happening. Dr. Addison Montgomery will be seeing you shortly.”

In the clip she has the words too Emma Roberts Iconic American Horror Story: Coven scene in which Madison Montgomery said, “Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you last saw me.”

In a more serious video shared with Shonda Rhimes‘Shondaland Accounts, said Walsh, “It feels so good to be back home and join Shonda, Ellen and the rest of the incredible cast in Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy. Just wait until you see what they are ready for you. “