A spokeswoman for the International Handball Federation, Jessica RockstrohShe told the New York Times earlier this week that she did not know the reason for the uniform rules and added, “We are reviewing this internally.” She also said that her organization’s focus at the moment is on the Olympics, not uniforms, and that Norway is the only country that has officially complained. She added, “We know around the world that other countries like to play in bikinis, for example, especially in South America.”

The Norwegian team’s protest and fine came days before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics start. Beach handball is not one of his sports, but rather part of the Summer Youth Olympic Games, which will be held in Senegal in 2026.

However, a similar sport, beach volleyball, is offered at the Olympics. According to NBC News, beach volleyball players can choose whether they want to play in shorts and t-shirts as well as in bikinis or one-piece swimsuits.

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