It is time for Noah Centineo to enjoy all the ice cream he loved before.

The actor shared on Instagram on Sunday January 17th that he recently had surgery to remove his tonsils after years of persistent neck-related illness.

“I had my tonsils taken out 2 days ago,” he wrote. “Goodbye, chronic tonsillitis and strep throat. Hope you have enjoyed your free stay for the past 7 years.”

The 24-year-old To All the Boys star, who I previously loved, posted a carousel that had footage of him looking rather dazed in a hospital bed and gown.

“All right, all done,” he said to the camera, opening wide to show the new look of his mouth. “Finished it.”

For the actor, who will play his role as Peter in “Against All Boys: Always and Forever”, 2021 was already a busy year Lana Condoris Lara Jean. The trailer, released last week before the Netflix movie released on February 12, showed Lara Jean how she decided to join Peter in Stanford in the third episode of the popular film franchise.