Nicole Byer can nail whatever she puts her mind – or body – on.

Netflix’s Nailed It host juggles two shows (catch her on Wipeout John Cena), four podcasts, a film career and new outrageous hobbies every week. While Byer has mastered roller skating and motorcycles, she has turned her attention to pole dancing. In an exclusive Nightly Pop interview, Byer reveals her sensual movements to the co-moderators Nina Parker and Hunter March.

“It’s easier than you think,” promises Byer. “You take things in. It’s fun, it’s a workout and you feel dirty!”

Byer took a break from spinning on the bar after dislocating her ankle in November 2020. And no, she didn’t hurt herself while dancing. “It’s very boring. I fell off a motorcycle twice last year, nothing happened. I roller-skated, pole dancing … I just fell down my stairs,” admits Byers.

“You’re a lot more active than me! You make me a little bored,” laughs Parker.

“It’s like James Bond!” March adds.