“But I’m also allowed to sit in a chair all the time, so that’s fine,” Nick joked back.

In fact, he appeared on The Voice on May 17 for its first episode since the collision. At the time, Nick told television audiences that he “spilled a bike” and added, “I was better but I’m fine.”

TMZ had reported that Nick sustained the injury on May 15 and was hospitalized before reportedly returning home the following night.

E! News previously asked Nick’s team for a comment and never heard from it.

Later in the interview, the “Sucker” actor, who is hosting the 2021 Billboard Music Awards this weekend, shared this when he’s not with his wife Priyanka Chopra In London, where she made a film, he often spends time with Joe and his wife. Sophie Turner. Fortunately, the two couples live only about 10 minutes apart in Los Angeles.

“We see each other quite often, which is very nice,” he told Joe and Sophie. “But when I’m in London it’s obviously a little harder to see each other.”

For the time being, we hope Nick remembers that he’s only human and gives himself enough time to heal.

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