Naomi said she knew she would be fined for not attending press conferences. But as she put it, “I hope the sizeable amount I get for this will go to a mental health charity.”

On Sunday, the Grand Slam tournaments issued a joint press release stating that Naomi had rejected the compulsory press conference following her win against. was sentenced to a fine Patricia Maria Tig.

“Naomi Osaka decided today not to meet her contractual media obligations,” the statement said in part. “The Roland Garros arbitrator has therefore fined her US $ 15,000 in accordance with Article III H. of the Code of Conduct.”

“Following Naomi Osaka’s lack of engagement, the Australian Open, Roland-Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open have jointly written to her to review her wellbeing and offer support, underline her commitment to the wellbeing of all athletes and propose dialogue on the matter “The statement continues. “She was also reminded of her obligations, the consequences of not complying, and that the rules should apply to all players equally.”

At this point, the Grand Slam tournaments have yet to comment publicly on Naomi’s withdrawal.