2020 should be a big year for Isaac Dunbar.

The pop prodigy, who first made waves in late 2018 with Freshman Year, a song he wrote when he was only 14, not only put the finishing touches on his second EP, Isaacs insects, but also prepared for his first Tour ahead in the US and Europe. And then we don’t have to tell you what happened next.

The EP still arrived in April as planned, but the pandemic put its tour plans indefinitely. With a suddenly clear calendar, he did what most artists had done during that destabilizing last 12 months and went to work on new material. Enter Evil Twin, his third EP released before his 18th birthday. (He will reach this milestone on March 17th.)

“I did most of the songs during the quarantine,” Isaac told E! News about the new music collection released on February 19th. “It’s just a mix of pop and experimental music and things that I’m really getting into right now. I’m really excited that my fans are hearing it, and for new listeners to discover it too.”