The world needs more Pat Dubek in times like these.

So it’s pretty awesome that season two of The Other Two Chase Dreams (Fallwalker) steps back behind Mama Pat, who is played by the wonderful Molly Shannonwhen she started her career as a host of her own talk show.

This is all part of Pat’s Year of Yes, and like Molly E! News in an exclusive interview: “She really uses her opportunities and loves being a mother, so the two of them are together as if things couldn’t be better.”

Of course, being a TV show host isn’t all that makes it all. There’s the wee hours of the morning and promotional activities, but as a devoted mom, Pat will somehow get everything working.

However, Molly predicted that this philanthropic behavior won’t last long. “She’s going 100 mph now as if she were anything to everyone,” said the White Lotus actress, “and I think she’s going to have to figure out how to take care of herself.”